Competitive Advantage

The key phrases that entrepreneurs often hear include “competitive advantage” and “unique value proposition” (UVP). Intuitively, the related concepts boil down to the product’s or service’s special sauce. What is the special sauce that makes […]

Work from Home

These days in quarantine—working from home for my final semester of graduate school, for Kits to Heart, and for my research job—scare me. And insanely, it is less about the pandemic itself and more about […]

Stronger Together

This post was originally published on Stupid Cancer, the largest charity that comprehensively addresses young adult cancer. This time last year, I had finally returned home from my eleven-day stay in the hospital. Two of […]

I’m on Patreon

If you follow a YouTube creator, you likely have heard of Patreon. I decided to launch my own Patreon page for Kits to Heart, the new nonprofit I’m working on that sends cancer care kits […]