Category: Cancer

My cancer journey.


With the fall semester quickly approaching, I have been searching for part-time jobs. And during that search, I realized that although voluntary, disclosing that I had cancer is technically considered disclosing a disability. Unless asked, […]


A hungry deer roamed around campus, where I stopped by again during lunch break. Then at night, some guests came over and I couldn’t help but feel self-conscious about my patchy hair. At this point […]


This weekend was a rollercoaster, with me feeling both excited to experience a staycation and terrified at what seems to be returning symptoms. I am afraid of what the chest pain means. I am afraid […]

Mama’s Day

Hsuan and I totally surprised my mom with fresh flowers, card with Hsuan’s supermom drawing, a classic Wegman’s fruit tart (they’re delectable), and a family friend’s matcha red bean Mille feuille crepe cake! My mommy […]