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2016 Pacific Miss Asian Alliance Pageant

Not Just China

One of my biggest gripes about China was the shameless lack of quality concerning just about everything, which conditioned me to believe that this was not so back in the U.S. What unwarranted pride I had. Of course, shittiness can be found anywhere, even at a Chinese-organized, casino-sponsored pageant for Asians in Rockville, Maryland. Last month, […]

Elise :)

The Pen Pal

Yesterday, I checked my Yahoo account for the first time in months. That email address was created after my very first AOL screenname, which I still remember was pomloverxoxo. I had to explain to my classmates that I in fact did not love palm trees but pomeranians. I thought I was the shiz, okay. Scrolling through mostly junk, I saw […]

Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

A Day in Georgetown

It’s been a while since I’ve published more timely life updates (fewer “I did this today/yesterday” and more “I did this several weeks ago and am only now writing about it”), so hope this is a nice change. Last week, with time left to review for the GRE quickly dwindling, I hadn’t been focusing on other aspects of prepping for […]

Bruzzoni electric toothbrush


“It doesn’t taste right. I get this drink every day,” a Starbucks customer complained. She got another. At a bowling alley, despite the line, a snack bar employee took the time to scoop ice into six plastic cups, fill them with water, put lids on all of them, and then insert straws. All for free water. And […]

Cycle Canton tour of Haizhu District in Guangzhou, China

China & Chabuduo

Beijing-based British writer James Palmer recently penned the most insightful essay I’ve read about China for Aeon magazine, and I pray that you take the time to read it: What Chinese corner-cutting reveals about modernity As soon as I read the lead, I was hooked. After all, any foreigner who has rented an apartment in China can […]