I am a cancer alumni committed to making a difference in cancer care.

Hi, i’m sonia.

I am a Master’s candidate in the Asian Studies Program at Georgetown University. As an undergraduate at Boston University, embarking on my first serious endeavor to connect to my heritage, I studied at Shanghai’s Fudan University, as well as explored the multifaceted Chinese megacity through an editorial internship at Shanghai Expat. After graduating in 2015, I moved to Guangzhou, where I worked as an English news editor, host, and producer for Guangdong Television. Once I decided to return to academic life to get further involved in the various aspects of U.S.-Asia relations, I took the opportunity with the remaining time to travel across Europe and Asia, including spending summer 2017 studying intensive Chinese at the National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. After my first remission, I spent several months in Taiwan on a Boren Fellowship. I live in Virginia, but Maryland will always be my home.

This blog has been a collection of my life’s moments since college. Read some highlights from over the years, in reverse chronological order:

hospital food
still happy
uniquely china
changing course
tables turned
wechat is taking over my life
wet markets & phone shops
china, why is this ok?
never far from home
give & take
‘guan mm guan?’
announcing my next adventure
i’ve graduated
year in review 2014
best of shanghai


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