I’m on Patreon

If you follow a YouTube creator, you likely have heard of Patreon.

I decided to launch my own Patreon page for Kits to Heart, the new nonprofit I’m working on that sends cancer care kits to patients across the country.

But I need your help.

You can contribute as little as $5 a month to help fund the items that go into each personalized kit. What do you get? Well, good karma, but also access to a newsletter I will send only to supporters and shoutouts on social media.

The next tier up, from Mini Hearts to Big Hearts, is $30 a month for handwritten cards and gifts for yourself, and the ability to choose an item to include in a special someone’s kit. Just think, a cancer patient will know that there’s a Kits to Heart community looking out for them.

Finally, the *exclusive Pure Hearts club*

This means funding a kit for a patient every month for $100, along with the benefits of the other tiers. You can cancel anytime.

Patreon is such a wonderful idea, especially for small business or online creators. I love the idea of the givers receiving benefits themselves (right now subscribers can see the embarrassing video of me pitching my idea that a panel of judges watched. And it won me that competition). Please consider supporting Kits to Heart. It’s in the early stages, which means you can have the bragging rights of knowing about it and supporting it “before it became cool.”

Because I am confident that we can make an impact together. Please consider joining the Patreon club with me 🙂

Learn more about the membership.