Big News



At last, I can call this man my fiancé, a more fitting term to describe a relationship in which the “boyfriend/girlfriend” labels seemed somehow inadequate. As my friends and family know, Hsuan has been beyond “just” a boyfriend. He has been my best friend, a loving caregiver, and an incredibly understanding partner. I feel so lucky :’)

Post-kneel hug.

As for the wedding, plans will likely not seriously start until closer to my graduation in the spring—but you can bet I’ll be spending some of my spare time dreaming about it. Since Hsuan’s family and friends are in Taiwan, we will also try to plan a ceremony back in his hometown of Kaohsiung. At some point.

Needless to say, I am ecstatic. Hsuan keeps saying I have not stopped smiling since. ❤

Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving!