The Beginning

After a brief hiatus as I tried re-adapting to the workload and pressures of graduate school, welcome back!

I am blogging from Riggs Library at Georgetown, a quite beautiful space fit for reading, studying, and even spilling my thoughts on these first few weeks of school, apparently.

My first week went terribly. I caught the flu, no thanks to treatment this past year preventing me from getting a flu shot, and me being immunocompromised and exposed to a crowded school environment. So for about four days, I had a high fever, no appetite, and went to bed around dinnertime. It was confirmed as the flu, because I had to return to University of Maryland and be evaluated. I stayed to receive IV fluids and all sorts of tests, only to realize that it was “just” the flu.

It was a wonder that I got any work done, and I already felt behind on the pages and pages of assigned reading. Immediately after my fever dissipated, Aunt Flo decided to make its appearance 10 days earlier than expected. She was so extremely heavy that I was fearful that something was wrong with me, especially when I had just had a surgical procedure done the week before for an irregular Pap smear. This all may be TMI, but I am just trying to illustrate clearly just how rough the first week or so ended up being.

Also immediately after days of high fever and minimal eating, I had to retake my school photo. My face looks quite pale.

This past week, I have been able to manage my workload a little better. In fact, I had my first presentation today, and from the professor’s initial feedback and honestly just having a very knowledgeable partner, we did well. My classmate undoubtedly outshined me with his foundational knowledge as a Taiwanese citizen on topics related to China and Taiwan, but despite some blush-inducing embarrassment, I am still proud of what we did together, particularly because we were the first to present this semester and seemed to have set a pretty good example.

So despite having the worst first week, I am gradually getting a hang of things and am feeling much better. I am grateful that Hsuan was by my side through it all to care for me.

Coming up this week, I have what hopefully will be a clean PET scan, before I can have a break on scans until next year.