Moved In!

Gantri light.

Hsuan and I have officially moved in to our new home!!

Some family friends have offered to help us purchase some furnishings as housewarming gifts, and we are so grateful.

In other news, I returned to campus on Monday for a Honor Council board hearing, which was the most serious case I’ve encountered so far. I am a graduate member, which means I occasionally volunteer to judge student cases involving plagiarism, cheating, and other Honor Code violations at Georgetown. Especially with serious cases, it feels weird to have the power to determine whether a student should be suspended, dismissed, etc.

Classes begin next week, and my throat just started feeling sore today. I’ll have to ask my oncologist about precautions tomorrow when I see him, because school environments are breeding grounds for viruses and germs—not exactly good for the immunocompromised.

Anyway, I expect to hear back from some internships soon. There is an editorial opportunity that I am particularly excited about and felt good while interviewing for, so let’s cross our fingers!!