Blog Update

It’s time for an update regarding what to expect on this blog from now on!

The main reason I started blogging daily again earlier this year was due to the anticipation of a bone marrow transplant, the side effects of which would have likely changed my life both for the better and worse. Honestly the fact that the transplant has at least a 10% fatality rate alone terrified me, let alone the long-term Graft Versus Host Disease effects on my gut, skin, etc.

Because the pre-transplant scan had shown that my cancer had returned for a third time, I was unable to continue with the transplant. I was devastated and broken. Yet, in hindsight and in some twisted way, I do believe that was a blessing in disguise.

Soon, I was on track for CAR-T with Yescarta, a half-a-million-dollar immunotherapy drug that had been at the time only FDA-approved for a little over a year. Although I was sent to the ICU for two days during my 11-day hospital stay and I had a chest pain scare that terrified me into believing the cancer had returned, I remain in remission with no apparent side effects (besides the loss of what little hair I already had from pre-treatment chemo conditioning).

Throughout it all, I had a catheter sticking out of my chest, which had to be flushed daily (thank you to my caretakers), changed weekly, and made showering for half a year a bit of a hassle. I’m glad that at least the weather was cold enough that my clothing would always conceal it. You can still see the scar, but I wear it proud. After all, I have been through some shit.

Nowadays I am doing quite well, despite some mishaps and other, more “common” issues here and there. In fact, there is a lot to look forward to, including moving into our new home, furnishing it, returning to school, potentially working—and a fluffy friend may even be appearing in our lives.

So because I expect this next chapter to be much busier and hopefully less dramatic health-wise, I will be switching to weekly updates.

Thank you for reading my blog and continuing to follow my updates, no matter how mundane or insane. I’m grateful.


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