The fact that I will be finally returning to campus as a full-time student in just a couple of weeks is both relieving and nerve-wracking.

Besides getting treatment and recovering for these past two years (has it been really that long?), I haven’t felt useful or purposeful. I wonder (even fear) how I will handle transitioning from these months of slow but steady recovery to graduate schoolwork and potentially even a part-time job—all the while juggling my regular checkups and scans.

I know it will be difficult not to compare myself to others, but I do wish to prove to myself and everyone else that I am capable of bouncing back and, well, serving a purpose. I won’t let cancer in my 20s define the rest of my life.

In the meantime, let’s hope I stay out of trouble and not get a splinter that I didn’t know to take out until it got infected and had to go to urgent care!

P.S. Thanks, Hsuan, for cooking a wonderful dinner for me, my mom, and a guest.