With the fall semester quickly approaching, I have been searching for part-time jobs. And during that search, I realized that although voluntary, disclosing that I had cancer is technically considered disclosing a disability.

Unless asked, I am not sure that I would be quite so willing to share my medical history, and it’s something that I already dealt with when in Taiwan last year. With classmates, I completely avoided it—although I’m sure they knew something was up when my nonstop coughing only got worse and then I suddenly disappeared.

With my internship in Taiwan, I did disclose to my direct supervisor, but now back in the U.S., I know I will have to face again this issue of whether to disclose or not. I suppose it will be on a case-by-case basis, and regarding my school: faculty and staff know, the two remaining peers in my class know, and the new class of 2020 likely don’t. (Gossip travels).

I hope that I do find something, even if not directly related to my studies. One major addition to my job search is anything that helps cancer patients. I definitely want to give back in any way I can.


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