My parents, Hsuan, and I checked out one of Columbia’s newer restaurants called Cured Table & Tap.

Service was slow, food was mediocre, and prices were steep.

But to my surprise, Hsuan loved his Tennessee burger and even thinks it’s the best burger he’s tried here yet in the States. Unfortunately we didn’t have time for In-N-Out in LA, so I guess this is the best thus far that matches his tastes and doesn’t have unfamiliar extras like blue cheese.

As for me, Cured seems like another overpriced restaurant that has a lot to work on. My mom literally had to ask for some bread while we waited unreasonably long for our entrĂ©es and ended up getting a plate with three slices for four people. The waitress at first responded with whether we wanted crackers. Even Cheesecake Factory has bread and certainly doesn’t skimp.