Back to School

Hsuan is back to school for another month this summer, while I have been looking at apartments and non-toxic cookware sets and utensils.

I would like to try stainless steel, even though my parents, whose Asian-style of cooking means nonstick frying is very important, hates it. But with proper care, stainless steel seems to be the best and safest choice after cast iron.

So many options exist, and while I am not quite yet willing to shell out $1,400 for the industry standard All Clad 14-piece set from Costco, I have learned quite a bit about cookware.

There are some promising startups, such as Potluck, Great Jones, and Misen, all selling quality pots, pans, and knives at more reasonable prices.

I just placed an order for a $104 Misen knife set (including 20% discount and free shipping), and plan to order the $395 Great Jones family set, which includes all PTFE- and PTOA-free, dishwasher-safe, and multifunctional pots and pans. They are not cheap, but they come highly recommended and are very visually appealing.

I certainly understand how some can joke about getting married if they want new cookware and other home essentials because these do add up. But when it comes to lifelong essentials, after witnessing my own parents switching out cheaper woks and pans often, I know these are worthy investments.