With our new $23/month AMC Stubs A-List membership, Hsuan and I have been trying to see more movies in theaters. Given so many cheaper streaming options—which we also have, such a membership may not be attractive to some, but it does include free or discounted food perks, and given how one movie ticket can cost up to $15 excluding online booking fees, paying $23 doesn’t seem so bad for the experience of watching up to three newly released movies per week in theaters (some with comfy reclining seats).

This week we’ve seen the new Spider-Man, which is great, and Yesterday, which I give a 4/10 for being boring and predictable.

Apparently if you sign up or renew your AMC membership, you get a free “snack-sized” red and blue popcorn—you know, Spider-Man and all.

We asked concessions about it, and after half-haphazardly asking about our membership, the employee just gave a free one with no more questions asked. We ended up eating hardly half of the box, because Hsuan didn’t like the sweetness and I didn’t like the colors (lol). Still worth the photo.