Father’s Day

My dad surreptitiously took a photo of me and Hsuan while we waited for my mom to check in for her flight to China. Finally, she can start the vacation she desperately needs.

Before she left, we ate lunch at Eden Center, a hopping Vietnamese shopping center full of amazing, mostly Vietnamese food in northern Virginia. My parents hadn’t been in 20 years or so, and I had come alone during my first semester at Georgetown to check out the hype.

We managed to get a table at Rice Paper, a chic, packed restaurant with amazing food. My dad couldn’t stop raving about it even during dinner, which Hsuan mostly prepared. I’m glad such a impromptu stop impressed him and us so much. He says we should make the one-hour trek here at least once a month to try all the other food and drinks around.

Indeed, Eden Center is an interesting microcosm of Vietnam in America, with my mom saying that Vietnamese people from nearby states would make long trips here every weekend.