Hsuan and I have been enjoying a mini getaway, thanks to some freebies from the Live! Casino.

We watched “Family Feud Live: Celebrity Edition” with the actor who plays Kevin in The Office, as well as two other celebrities I didn’t know.

It was interactive, with audience members being called up to play, so we were in constant fear of being called up during the two hours but felt relieved that we weren’t.

For the night, we stayed at Live! Lofts, which we initially thought was at the casino, but turns out it’s a separate hotel across the street. The rooms are big and equipped with a small kitchen, but without water bottles in the room and with guest services forgetting to bring us the toothbrush we called for, it isn’t amazing. Most hotels in Asia, as I’ve noticed, provide free toothbrushes and toothpaste, so Hsuan instinctively didn’t bring any, and I had forgotten to remind him, knowing that he would not bring them.

But for what this is, a suburban hotel next to a casino and shopping center, it’s pretty good and worth a brief getaway, even if it’s just 20 minutes from home.