Power Outage

About a 30-minute period of strong winds and rain between 3 and 4 p.m. led to five-hour power outage in the area.

We received a tornado warning on our phones, trees fell down, and thankfully, Hsuan did not bike to school and managed to return home minutes before the storm hit.

For dinner and so my parents could work with light, we drove to Asian Palace, where my dad worked for a year as his second job in the U.S. 30 years ago. The restaurant has since changed names and ownership, but it still brings back memories for him.

The Cantonese-speaking manager found it hilarious that my parents brought a laptop with charger, and was even super accommodating to give us his own portable phone charger.

This man is the cutest.

Upon returning home, I met up with a high school friend to take a walk around the neighborhood and catch up. He was staying at his aunt’s house next door for the night and had only just heard about my health—apparently not from another former classmate but from his aunt, who had seen me and Hsuan walking in the neighborhood and I suppose somehow knew I was sick and undergoing treatment.

I have always appreciated his kindness and friendship, despite years since we’ve last chatted or seen each other. So we both thoroughly enjoyed talking about what we’ve been up to and hope to hang out again soon! 🙂