What luck. While washing a glass coffee pot in the morning, I hadn’t noticed that part of the top had broken off, so my hand basically got caught on the sharp edge as I was rotating the sponge inside. I was in shock for a good minute before I ran upstairs to fetch some gauze and tape from the central line dressing kits I had left over.

Looking at your own gaping, bloody wound can be quite cringeworthy, but once bandaged up, I wondered if I needed stitches and googled for help.

After deciding it would be worth asking a doctor, I ended up spending three hours at urgent care and receiving five stitches. At this point, having had two central lines put in me, I am familiar with stitches. Apparently these days many others have somehow cut themselves and went to the same urgent care. Maybe this is a reminder for us just to take a deep breath and slow down.

For the next 10 days or so, I’m pretty much out of commission for washing dishes (except for rinsing and putting smaller items in the washing machine) and chopping anything. At least I am still able to do laundry and type.

Thanks, as always, to my amazing mom for accompanying me.