HoCo Farmer’s Market

After weeks of my white blood cell counts remaining low and stable, they at last seem to be inching closer to normal levels. Unfortunately, now that I no longer have a central line for easy vein access, I had a bad nurse who not only had a difficult time getting blood once the needle was in my arm, but also forgot two tubes the first time so she had to poke me two more times, after the second poke failed to draw blood. She kept asking if I had had any water, as if it were my problem. No other nurses had issues the past couple weeks of being poked. You can bet my palms were sweaty as she kept wiggling the needle in my arms two separate times. “Let me know if I’m hurting you,” she said. Cue flashbacks to the Howard County General emergency room, my literal definition of hell.

Anyway, the good news is that my counts are looking great, and it was the last of my weekly appointments. Now I have biweekly ones until my PET scan in June. I am imagining my mutant CAR-T cells either laying dormant or occasionally fighting and winning battles against cancerous cells.

After Hsuan returned from school, we drove to the Wednesday farmer’s market at the Miller Branch Library parking lot, where we enjoyed a meaty $12 “A River Runs Through It” pizza from River House Pizza Co., followed by $4/cup gelato from Mike’s Gelato truck. I used to come here by myself to get a baked good or two, while stopping by the library to study for the GRE or otherwise pass the time I had before grad school. Recalling that the pizza seemed to be quite popular—and it still is, I figured we could try it.

We also took home some cupcakes from the Stone House bakery truck. It was quite a successful farmer’s market run, minus the local farm veggies (we have plenty of veggies waiting at home). I am glad Hsuan and I were able to enjoy a good farmer’s market meal and dessert, seated in the shade with perfect, comfortably sunny springtime weather and clean air. I love days like this. Reviews coming soon on our Instagram!