With my doctor’s letter finally processed, I am now able to register for fall classes back at Georgetown and hope to graduate by the spring! Luckily, despite being out of school for more than a year, graduating next spring has been part of the plan, given that I was supposed to spend a year abroad in Taiwan anyway. I am also lucky because two other Boren Fellows from my class will have spent a year abroad, so I won’t be the only old face around.

If things continue to go well, I will sign up for a class or two at community college during the second half of the summer. Really, it’s about finding things to keep me occupied while keeping both stress and boredom at bay. It will be important to ease my way back into school, working on re-familiarizing myself with high-stress, highly productive environments.

So far, I have registered for three courses and am working on finding a good fourth. It’s exciting to think about life at school again, especially now that Hsuan is here. He is starting his English classes this week, and it will be interesting to see how he progresses both academically and socially. Say any more, and I’ll start to sound like a mom, feeling happy over the fact that he has friends to chat with during lunch. (It’s crazy how love can make you care for every little thing about your partner.)

This week is also the last of my weekly CAR-T check-ups, until my PET scan in June. Despite becoming used to Hsuan driving us around, I should actually be able to drive now after these two months of pre-caution due to potential neurological side effects. Wild to think two months have already passed and how far I have come. I am happy and healthy, and yet, there is not a day that passes where I don’t think about cancer or it returning. The curse of surviving, I suppose.

And I know I said I would try taking photos other than food, but the only times I seem to want to take photos are when there is food in front of me. We’ve had some family friends over, so hot pot dinner was necessary, while I stick to my own plate of food prepared separately.