Best Friend

Although I am not as familiar with the 22 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies as Hsuan is, we enjoyed finally seeing Avengers: Endgame today. I say finally because it came out earlier in Taiwan, and Hsuan has been itching to see it for a while now. His rating: 10/10.

Upon returning home, after taking a walk around the neighborhood for some fresh air, we even watched Avengers: Infinity War on Netflix.

Living with Hsuan and both being unemployed means we spend tons of time with each other and do almost everything together. Having been mostly alone for these past couple months, it’s been such a happy fresh breath of air simply to have a friend, let alone boyfriend. At the same time, we naturally have interests that the other does not, and sometimes—as crazy as it sounds to those of you with actual friends—I forget that that is normal and get in a funk over it, but like, Sonia, we don’t have to like all the same things.

Social interactions in general are not easy for me. And it is because of that that I am that much more grateful for having someone I can call my best friend and partner for life. ❤


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