Catheter Out!

After a little over five months, my Hickman central line has finally been removed!

The actual removal process, as the doctor doing it even said, is quite barbaric. Literally he just yanked on the tunneled catheter that had been nestled in my jugular vein until the long-ass tube was out. Yes, it hurt but only for a few good tugs.

My counts are relatively stable, with my white blood cells dipping slightly but platelets increasing significantly.

Throughout the many hours we ended up staying at the hospital for various appointments, I continued to receive so many compliments on my mask. Even the doctor who removed my catheter, upon pulling back the curtains and seeing me with my mask, had to ask if he needed to wear a mask. Mask culture is totally not a thing in the U.S., even among doctors, apparently.

While I still can’t quite shower normally yet as the wound heals, I am just relieved and excited at the prospect of one less hassle.