It was such a beautiful afternoon, with highs reaching 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hsuan decided to try biking to and from the school where he’ll be taking English classes this summer. I think he underestimated the hilly roads and his own physical fitness!

Upon his return, I too wanted to enjoy the nice weather, so we went for a stroll around the neighborhood. Even when walking around my quiet neighborhood, my typical head and face attire these days consists of a hat, sunglasses, and face mask—which makes any physical activity not very pleasant, especially with the warmer weather.

Some family friends are still here for a couple more days, and my dad wants to celebrate this weekend my mom’s birthday early before they leave, as well as my being in remission. The question is how.

My mom would love to get away for a weekend and go to NYC or even Philadelphia for some decent Chinese food and shopping. I want her to go enjoy a real break, even if I can’t go. Besides, Hsuan is here and can help take care of me. Of course, they say they don’t feel comfortable without me going but we all know going to big cities during the holidays is not smart. And I would feel even worse to hold them back even more.

There’s also the factor of celebrating my remission. Do I even want to? I have been “in remission” twice before, and we know how those turned out.

I suppose I just need to speak up about what I want. Living with parents can be very frustrating, and having guests over does not make anything easier.