Yes, folks. The scans are in, and they are all clear.

Going into this scan, I felt good. Unlike in January, I didn’t have a nightmare that it was back, I didn’t have any chest pain, my cough has stopped, and I felt a confident calmness.

My parents could hardly contain their joy when we heard the initial news. I zeroed in on their reactions, knowing that it has been a tough journey for them, too: my mom, all smiles and adorable as ever; my dad, hilariously calm and smiling, trying his hardest to contain himself.

Otherwise, it isn’t easy to put into words how I feel. On one hand, seeing the clear scans is incredibly relieving. We can breathe in a ginormous sigh of relief. Especially after everything, it feels like witnessing a miracle. On the other, it’s not like I can just leave this all behind completely and say adieu to the hospital forever. I will continue to have PET scans and check-ups. I will always have to tread carefully in every aspect of my life, paying attention to any little thing that may come up. I am (and have to remain) hopeful for permanent remission.

Thanks to everyone who has followed me on this wild journey and everyone who has prayed for my health.

For the first time in what feels like a long time, I am healthy and happy.