About half an hour away, the hospital is not that far but also not that close. So to be suddenly called in when we had been told (or so we thought) that we would have a break until the PET scan on Wednesday was frustrating.

Apparently we had missed my morning appointments, and I still needed to go in for lab work and a nurse’s visit. Hsuan and I had just finished lunch and grocery shopping at MOM’s when I received the call. And since my latest counts were low, I couldn’t get out of this check-up. Whether it was our misunderstanding or the other nurse’s fault, having to cut our assumed free day short annoyed me.

And so after dropping off our bags at home, my mom drove us to the hospital, where we ended up waiting for hours because when white blood cells are too low, the techs have to count them one by one…? My poor mom had already been so sleepy, since an employee decided to go on vacation, making my mom have to wake up early and stay up later to work.

Anyway, things are stable. I missed the monthly young adult cancer meetup at night for various reasons: the long, unexpected trip; Hsuan being here, making it less necessary to vent to strangers; my hunger lol.