After saying farewell to his family and friends, some of whom met him at the Kaohsiung airport, Hsuan boarded his flight to the U.S. and will be closing the distance between us for good.

Of course such a monumental moment had me on the other side of the world watching a mukbang on YouTube.

The excitement is palpable. I did manage to sleep last night but I woke up a couple times, once to message him during his layover in Japan. I am sure I will be jittery all day before he arrives tonight. I likely will blog tomorrow morning again instead of tonight.

Cheers to closing the distance and the start of a new chapter together!! ❤

2 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Congratulations Sonia, and thank you for sharing your joy, and journey with us (lurkers), I know we only have a portion of a peak at your challenges and what it’s like for you, and the conscious choices you are making to build the lifestyle you want… I originally looked at your blog when you were in China documenting your food and travel, and now I check in because you share your human experience and I guess there is a community of people who care from afar. If there is anything the folks here can do to support, like when you mentioned the bone marrow swabs and benefits.. your words are heard.

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