I love spring because walks are now so pleasant, so perfect, so comfortable. No need to bundle up and face harsh winds as an immunocompromised patient.

At the same time, the lack of bundling up means it’s pretty obvious I’m bald and something’s up when wearing my baseball cap and mask on a sunny spring day. I catch the looks, and I wonder what they’re thinking, but then I think about how people suck, and I would much rather minimize my risk of catching something than to please Western society’s standards, maskless.

I am dreading the days when my hair grows to a length when it’s not quite short nor long enough. Within the past year of shaving and growing, I haven’t yet reached that point before having to shave again. How would I even wear that out?? I definitely will be sticking to hats and potentially googling for celeb-inspired inspiration. At least I have grown to like my hair bald or close to it. It’s not that bad, especially considering the lack of upkeep.