I see you checkin’ my blog for a new post. Wonder if you lurkers would finally say something I suddenly stopped blogging.

Yes, I’m a bit late and didn’t blog last night. I blame having FaceTimed with Hsuan and being too lazy afterward to put something up.

I snapped a pic of my pill bottles before heading off into slumber, since I also did not take any other photos from yesterday. It was a pretty uneventful Saturday. I’m fine.

The pills I take twice a day still irk me, simply because I don’t want to be reliant on any medications. One is Valtrex for short, a prophylactic intended to prevent viral infections. The other is Keppra for short, intended to prevent seizures from the CAR-T side effects. I don’t think I experience side effects; if anything, I just feel more fatigued. I have about two more weeks on Keppra and an even longer, unknown number of weeks left for Valtrex.

I am also anticipating getting my Hickman line finally removed in a couple weeks, hopefully by May. It has already been five months of having these tubes stick out of my right chest, and each week that passes I worry about infection or pain or something bad happening. But given how well it has been working so far, I shouldn’t worry. I think being tubeless would help with feeling a little more normal. I do not expect to feel normal ever again, by the way.

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