Day +15

I am now 15 days into being a genetically modified human. What has changed?

Well, my symptoms are gone, save for the cough that has improved significantly. I had been coughing pretty frequently since June 2018. Now I cough a few times a day, which is almost nothing for me.

My hair started falling after I was discharged due to the pre-treatment chemo conditioning that WIPED. ME. OUT. I finally shaved it for the third (and final!!!) time last night. Actually, my mom helped me. She’s my hero.

I am exhausted most of the days. The only energy I have I use for watching uplifting episodes of “Queer Eye” and other videos. I take naps. I am the literal definition of Netflix and chill.

Despite my white blood cell count being normal on my first check-up two days ago because of the Neupogen shot I received upon being discharged, it has since dropped significantly to almost 0. I did not receive another shot at today’s check-up, and I am wearing a mask everywhere I go. I avoid everything like the plague. At least my mask is a cute one Hsuan bought from Amazon. I received compliments today at the hospital 🙂

My mood, as you can tell from my posts, goes up and down. I cried again this morning but felt better as the day went on.

And finally, I appreciate the few responses I get to my posts, either in private or in the comments section (almost all from my boyfriend lol). I check my blog views constantly, and I am surprised to have a consistent following. Yet, I will never understand the majority who remain silent, continuing to read and lurk. Is blogging about depression not engaging enough or what. I wish I could say I don’t care that people are reading yet ignoring me but I am a bitter bitch about it, folks. ANYWHO, I’m glad something is keeping you here, whatever that is.

Maybe it’s my mom. She’s cute. Her yoga teacher gave her this beautiful mason jar with notes inside for me.