As I am feeling more myself again, I am reminded of beauty standards, and as a young female cancer patient, this side of things is always difficult.

Especially with Hsuan moving here next week, I am wondering how I can make myself feel beautiful again. With my hair falling out for a third time, I find myself googling at-home spa ideas and scrambling for nontoxic ways to pamper myself after spending 11 days in the hospital. (Work in progress. Ideas welcome.)

One of the best things I did for myself was order handmade, affordable batches of skincare products from a Canadian EWG-certified company, Just the Goods. To have the package arrive while hospitalized gave me the literal motivation to wash my face and moisturize. It was my second time ordering from them, and I am very pleased.

Now at home, I am able to indulge a little more with a sample of its calming lavender body lotion, and I’ll be trying the other face wash samples soon. As I am blogging, I am enjoying a Manuka honey face mask—literally just spread a spoonful of honey over my face. It smells heavenly.

I think binging on Netflix’s “Queer Eye” these days has also inspired me to focus on my image again. I mean, I’m not talking makeovers or even makeup here, but I just want to feel and look healthy. I’m thinner, my skin may look less youthful, my eyes may not be as radiant, but my spirit has stayed strong and I want the confidence and energy to match. Asking for energy is a lot right now when I can hardly walk up the stairs. It’s the little things like a honey mask that ~spark joy~.