Right to Refuse

Managed to put the final pieces of the Taz puzzle in while FaceTiming with Hsuan this morning! What a labor of love and respect for the 9-year-olds who complete 520-piece puzzles like this.

I am supposed to be discharged tomorrow, and I have been itching to get out of here. I am already someone who hates people, and my capacity to be nice or friendly, even to my team here, has reached its limits days ago. Especially given my fever last week, which prompted a week of 30-minute antibiotic drips every six hours, I have been wanting to use my right to refuse them because of the way it makes my stomach feel, among other reasons.

While I have to return a couple times a week for another couple weeks, I would much rather sleep in my own bed without being prodded every four hours and asked where I am and who the damn president is. I have a list of complaints about hospital stays but I will have plenty of time to write about those later. The biggest issue is the clash between my own beliefs and the hospital protocols.

Anyway, for now, let’s pray I can leave tomorrow.


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