Hello, World

I’m not sure what quite did it for me tonight, but the pineapple kale ginger smoothie (ended up being more like a juice) definitely helped.

Actually, let’s rewind to last night, when my stomach was feeling what I could only assume were pangs of hunger having essentially starved for two days. The pangs were a good sign, I thought before slumber hit me for about four straight hours. That is a solid improvement from waking up every two hours or so. Yesterday I literally could not even look at my phone for more than a couple minutes, without tossing it aside and stew in my nauseous misery for the entire day.

Then this morning, I actually could get a couple more slices of fruit down, and before I knew it, I finished a small bowl of noodles that a family friend had made just for me last night, but I had only swallowed one bite before giving up.

Honestly having an appetite is a wonderful thing. (Also being able to do the No. 2).

Anyway, the rest of the afternoon finally saw some phone usage to keep me company, but it wasn’t until my dad brought home the drink from Great Sage (can you tell I’m obsessed) and some corn bread (lol), that I realized my appetite really started returning. Granted, I only ate half the slice of cornbread, and the drink was small for $8 and for American standards. Yet, I knew that the worst of this part was over. After a brief email exchange with my doc, I finally caved and took an anti-nausea pill. Yeah yeah you might be thinking, you had them this entire time?? But guys, you don’t even know the mental hula hoops I go through each time I face having to take them versus getting rid of days of constipation. Do I try to let it all out or keep suppressing it all in?

So I have been doing much better these past couple of hours. It is my last night before being admitted tomorrow, and while I want to say I’m ready, who ever really is for this kind of stuff?

I’ll be celebrating my 26th birthday there, so that should be interesting. First time since birth, I suppose.

Praying for no serious side effects and that I’ll be out and stronger than ever soon🙏