One Less Thing

“Now you have one less thing to worry about, and you can focus on getting better,” my periodontist told me, as he polished off my third and final attempt at a permanent crown for my dental implant.

Indeed, this front tooth has actually needed a ton of attention over the years, the journey of which comprised:

  • an infection;
  • two root canals;
  • “permanent” crown of close to a decade breaking in half in Taiwan (over a popsicle, no less);
  • getting half of the dental implant before being forced to flee Taiwan;
  • finding someone new to finish the job in the U.S. while sharing my personal health history due to urgency;
  • getting a temporary crown to help with the gum shaping—wait three weeks;
  • getting the shape incorrect on the first try at the permanent crown—wait three weeks;
  • getting the color incorrect on the second try with the color “specialist”—wait three weeks;
  • and at last with some final adjustments with the specialist again, placing the beautiful permanent crown. (And to think, if the transplant had gone according to plan, I would still have my new temporary crown in until further notice.)

Now, cutting it close with days left before my treatment begins, I at least have one helluva good reason to smile 😀

In other good news, I walked an hour on the treadmill this morning! Mostly motivated by my caloric breakfast and the sunny skies begging for some activity, even if indoors, I managed to burn 450 calories over 2.75 miles.

It also may have been the first time since I had my Hickman line placed that I sweated enough that I needed to change my dressing immediately. (FYI: a Hickman is basically an intravenous access catheter that goes straight to the heart and has two thin tubes sticking out of the right chest. It is protected by a dressing, which is a rectangular adhesive cover that needs to be changed weekly, or as needed to prevent infection.) Plus, maybe from the high of having walked and sweated so much, I changed the dressing myself for the first time. I still need my mom to help me flush it daily to prevent blood clots, but all this upkeep has become a norm. Given my recent history of chemo-shot veins, I much prefer it over the sweaty dread of being pricked each time for lab tests or chemo.

Anyway, as you can tell, being a full-time Manager of My Own Personal Health has been a valuable learning experience. I am considering enrolling in University of Maryland’s Integrative Health and Wellness certificate program this fall, given how much more passionate I have become about health in ways that I never would have expected. I mean, I used to tease my mom for praising her own ~organic~ purchases, and nowadays, I try stick to an organic, non-GMO diet as much as possible—that is just a glimpse at how far I have come in just a few months. I suppose it is easier to do when mostly holed up at home without a job or schoolwork. Nevertheless, it’s an effort worth keeping up.