My Digest

Since I have no desire to write about my day today, I will be sharing some recommendations:

  • Yi Yi (2000) by Edward Yang: A classic Taiwanese-Japanese drama film that won the director a Cannes. Three hours well worth spending!
  • “Dating Around” on Netflix: Not your average dating show with fantastic cinematography. Would be better with Terrace House commentary, though.
  • Blogs: The Fragrant Harbour for commentary sometimes related to Hong Kong; Lao Ren Cha for witty commentary and smart takes on Taiwan; more suggestions welcome.
  • Podcast episodes: “The Founder” by Gimlet’s Reply All; “Artificial Intelligence in China” by Kungfu Komedy; “Japanese culture: Breaking down barriers” by Abroad in Japan.
  • Musicgeeks: A project (newsletter) I’ve been following for years to find cool music.
  • Thingtesting: First discovered on Instagram, this idea from a VC to review trending products #notsponsored is very interesting. Love all the #aesthetics especially in her newsletter.
  • Morning Brew: An informative newsletter on all things business.

And finally a quick pic snapped during a trip down memory lane tonight.