After completing my challenge of reading at least one book a month in 2016, I had a lofty goal for 2017 of two per month. With life transitions and grad school, I didn’t reach that goal, and then 2018 was about 30% books and 70% movies, TV shows, and YouTube videos. It’s time to revive reading.

With the first week of March almost over, I finally finished reading my first book of the year, David Greene’s Midnight in Siberia. This year so far I had (re)started a book about Shanghai and flipped through some pages of Kris Carr, but to spend hours reading and at last finishing a book reminded me that I can and totally should continue to read as much as possible. While I did not love this book, for the topic, it was quite good and eye opening. My experience with Russia is limited to encountering rude Russians in the Moscow airport, which is akin to encountering anyone in any major airport—almost always negative. Given that, as well as the scant knowledge I had on the country and its leadership via world history class and Western media, it really had to take someone else gifting me this book for me to have even bothered reading about a country I used to say would be one of the last places I would want to visit.

Hsuan has been reading a book on Vietnam, so keeping the Communism theme going, I decided to check it out from the library. Just judging it literally from its cover, it’s about as dense as a textbook, and I am sure few people read this for pleasure over research, but #knowledge. Also #nothingelsetodo.

Besides, if I get bored of this, I’ll have that Shanghai book to fall back on…as well as dozens of other books collecting dust in my room.