My Favorite

Continuing with catching up with Oscar winners, my mom and I watched The Favourite at another theater with reclining chairs.

While I loved all of its artistic quirkiness, from the unconventional camera angles and fish-eye lenses, to the crass and vulgar dialogue and scenes, I walked out of that theater wondering, “What did I just watch?”

And although my boyfriend gives it a 10/10 (I teased him that it’s because of the nude and sex scenes), I can’t say the same. I suppose I expect generally of a movie to be simply entertained, and instead, I got two hours of contemplating whether I actually liked and understood what I saw while seeing it. I loved the soundtrack, I loved the acting, I loved the extravagance. And yet, there are some movies that make you think and are indeed excellent for that reason, but this made me think in a different way that I’m not sure I quite like.

The more I think about it though, the more I do think I would like it with more viewings to absorb the nuances. I do appreciate its uniqueness and would recommend it. I also missed some minutes before the title sequence, which peeves me enough to want to rewatch at some point.

Anyway, the real reason for titling this post, “My Favorite,” is because my boyfriend is starting to move out of his apartment today. Big steps! 加油北鼻 我愛你 ❤️