Chest pain and cough returned today, despite dietary additions these two days. Of course, I don’t expect two days to make much of any difference but it still is a little disheartening.

My dad even had to wonder aloud why my cough was back, when the answer is painfully obvious.

Nonetheless, I’m going strong with my nutrition research and started off the day with a honey chai turmeric tea from Yogi, mixed in with a bit of Manuka honey and unsweetened organic soy milk. I also tried a Primal Kitchen dark chocolate almond collagen bar I got from Mom’s. Its chewy texture and taste remind me of an RXBAR, but these have a fraction of the sugar at just 3 grams. A year or two ago I would’ve loved this alternative, but now I’m a little sick of such bars.

For snacks I had an organic Opal Apple, Rishi green tea, Buddha Bowl’s Himalayan sweetness popcorn, and peanuts.

On a sudden whim after a fellow Hopkins patient I met a few months ago reminded me to try to Budwig diet, which emphasizes one particular combo of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese, I went to Whole Foods to buy the ingredients to make for my breakfast tomorrow. I’ll share the bowl tomorrow. The idea behind the “diet” is to improve cellular function, but of course as with all alternate treatments or diets, they are unproven but worth trying alongside actual medical treatment.

I still consider myself taking it slow with diet changes/additions. The cottage cheese is likely the most “drastic” change yet, as I can’t remember the last time I had cottage cheese and definitely not flaxseed oil, whereas other snacks or drinks I’ve had in some variation before.

In other news I hope to be starting proton beam therapy in a week or so to control and diminish the cancer while I wait for CAR-T. Proton therapy is preferred over traditional radiation, as it’s more targeted and thus more likely to avoid damaging healthy cells. I am lucky to live close enough to a state-of-the-art proton center in Baltimore. But I say all this still with much uncertainty as nothing has been confirmed yet. Insurance and protocol have a lot to do with the waiting.