World Cancer Day & Lunar New Year

Today, February 4, is #WorldCancerDay, but to cancer patients everywhere, whether in remission or not, every day is cancer day.

It is thanks to the work and research of organizations such as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the National Donor Marrow Program/Be the Match, and the Gift of Life, that I am still have options.

Those who are able should donate whatever they can to such organizations, whether it’s time or money or, one day, bone marrow.

For me, the best thing people can say to me is not that they’re thinking of me, but that they’re thinking of others like me and have done something about the greater cause, whether it is joining the bone marrow registry or spreading the word about the registry. Acts of selflessness have a strong, positive influence on anyone, after all.

Of course, as of late, it’s also been about my emotional health, and I am grateful to those who have offered help and suggestions in that regard.

In general, people who are sick certainly appreciate any messages from close ones and strangers alike. Tough times shines a light on the good in others.

Anyway, this is all to say that we should all try our best to be kind to one another. Helping humankind end suffering may seem a lofty and impossible goal, but being a hero, even if just for one person, is not.

We can all do better, myself included. #stayingstrong

In other news, here’s my cute boyfriend trying Taiwanese food at A&J Rockville. Verdict: he would return since it seems to be the only “Taiwanese” restaurant around, but if such a place were in Taiwan, then no, he would not return. I also think it’s just okay, with the best and my favorite being the dan dan mian, or sesame paste noodles.

Happy Lunar New Year!