Around 7 a.m., I woke up to sounds of my mom yelling, “Hand, hand!” and a dog breathing heavily outside my locked door. Eyes wide open and thinking of the only possibility, I turned to Hsuan lying next to me, and told him that I thought my parents bought me a dog. Groggily, he just said, “Go take a look.”

I hopped down from the bed and opened the door.

In ran Taz, the now-40-pound, 7-month chow chow who had flown all the way from LA with my sister and her boyfriend!!

And to think, I had been sobbing in my boyfriend’s arms the night before, having heard that the chance of the pills working was only around 30 percent and everything from now on is not guaranteed.

Needless to say, I was overjoyed and the surprise was the best in my entire life.

Later, I learned that my sister had coordinated only with Hsuan via Instagram direct messages, leaving even my parents out of the dark.

While they only had one night here and are leaving in a few hours, I have felt infinitely better. Dog therapy is real.

That night, our family was reunited for a big Chinese New Year dinner, along with some employees and family friends. The dinner doubled as a birthday celebration for my dad.

I am feeling much better, and I will try my best to remember this happiness.