Back from my hiatus, I am blogging about some super basic food recipes and select snacks that I have been getting into and distracting myself with. Don’t expect any updates about my health or other aspects of my personal life (albeit ~super~ exciting).

In my 2017 year-in-review, I mentioned some simple recipes for breakfast and snacks, and lately, I have been discovering some more ways to make eating somewhat more interesting. Although I am not yet doing much real cooking, I can totally understand why people love it. Experimenting with recipes, whether it involves a stove or not, is quite fun and pride-inducing. Granted, any “recipe” I share really is not much of anything and more of a record of what I like to snack on or enjoy as light meals, but as someone who doesn’t actually cook, I’m especially happy about them.



(November 2018) Always share with Mom ❤

BBS (Blueberry, Banana, Strawberry—All Organic!)
As with most recipes, this one came out of just what we had in the kitchen and can definitely be tweaked based on preference. I use two or three spoons of frozen blueberries, eight small frozen strawberries (or 3-5 large ones), one medium banana, and some whole milk. I say some, because I just pour until right below the first green line of my Nutribullet blender. Honestly, especially having made it so many times, any combination of these fruits makes for a delicious, creamy smoothie. No ice needed! This makes enough for two small servings or one medium/large serving. Mix in some granola or coconut shavings after blending, if desired.

Avocado Banana (Organic)
This is a classic and freakin’ delicious, too. Take half an avocado and one frozen banana (cut into slices before freezing), mix in some whole milk and water (half of each, perhaps a bit more than the Nutribullet green line), add a teaspoon or so of honey for sweetness, and voilà, a very creamy and healthy drink 🙂 Again, this makes about two small servings or one medium/large serving.

Recipe in Progress: Strawberry Avocado
I am still trying to figure out the proportions of this, having only tried it once and with a whole avocado (big mistake), but this recipe came out of the fact that I wanted to wait a day for the bananas to freeze, so I looked up if this combination was a thing, and it is. But I decided to guesstimate proportions and failed, so next time I’ll try half an avocado and 8 large strawberries. I think the key here is the strawberry, not the avocado, so I will update when I get this one right!


Toast with cheese, honey, and tomatoes at Caelum in Barcelona
(2015) Freakin’ delicious toast with cheese, honey, and tomatoes at Caelum in Barcelona. (How an ideal dish like this would look like).

So I had no idea Pecorino Romano cheese was so good until my mom randomly picked it out from MOM’s Organic Market (yes, my mom’s favorite market is MOM’s). It’s a very hard cheese and is better used as shavings over pasta, BUT I find it very worth putting effort into cutting the damn thing and eating it on top of crackers, mixed in with organic sea salt popcorn, and especially melted over organic Tuscan or sourdough toast. It is made from 100% sheep’s milk, quite mild in taste, and slightly stronger in smell. I actually prefer the one sold at Wegman’s (also available organic) because it’s more “breakable” in its chunkiness and hence ever-so-slightly easier to cut. It keeps for about a month or so in the fridge. I’ve had some really good melted cheese and honey over toast while traveling in Europe, so I think I just love any white cheese on toast, but I am happy that I have found that this flavor combination of Romano and sourdough (toast together in toaster oven for four minutes) also somehow works. I am sure that a softer cheese would look prettier melted on toast, but if you don’t care about looks, then hard cheese also works.


Another lazy recipe but isss guuuudddd. Get yourself a jar of Sonoma Gourmet cauliflower alfredo sauce (MOM’s, Wegman’s), and pour it over some al dente sea shell pasta (boiled with some salt, of course), add some organic peas, and it makes for a caloric, carb-y feast. Portion out more sauce than you would think! Mom’s tip: After boiling and draining, put the pasta in a pan with the sauce and peas to heat up together. I also love Sonoma Gourmet’s kale pesto with white cheddar sauce.

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Oatly Oatmilk Original 64oz

OATLY: Yo, the hype is real. Given that I’ve mostly been holed up at home or at the hospital, I wasn’t even introduced to oat milk via coffee shops like most people. Instead, it was actually because of nausea and taste buds changing, both side effects of chemo. Those days of nausea made drinking lukewarm water impossible, prompting me to search for alternative drinks. And wow, oat is the new almond. The brand Pacific is a good introduction, simply because it’s sugary so it tastes great but also because Oatly, the OG, is apparently sold out everywhere. Seriously, if you go to your local Target, Wegman’s, or MOM’s, you’ll likely find either empty or near-empty shelves. People hoard this shit. The chocolate Oatly is quite nice, too! By the way, I have tried using this in my smoothies, but it just does not hold up to the creaminess that whole milk gives. It is perfect on its own.

PRANA Super Barks Maca Power 4oz, pack of 1

PRANA DARK CHOCOLATE BARK: I picked up the “Matcha Magic” (organic 62% chocolate bark, roasted sesame, crispy rice, and matcha) at MOM’s on sale, and found that although I could not taste the matcha, it is very good. Then I picked up the “Maca Power” (organic 62% chocolate bark, corn flakes, almonds, and maca) one at Giant, and it’s even better. Chocolate bark is always good but even better with good ingredients and dark chocolate.

RAW REV BARS: The Raw Rev Glo Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Bar is a yummy, low sugar, high protein bar that I discovered two years ago in San Francisco. While I used to eat RXBARS often, these are now my protein bar of choice, since they are much lower in sugar and easier to chew.

SUN CUPS: Free2b Foods’ Dark Chocolate Sun Cups are free of gluten, dairy, nut, AND soy, and they are so addicting. I have stopped eating them lately (they are candy, after all), but there was a brief period a month ago or so when I would purchase these every time I went to Wegman’s. Give them a try!

There you have it! It may take a long while before I post another such food update, but hope this gives you some ideas 🙂