Returning to Weekly Updates

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan.
Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan.

I am excited to announce that I will be returning to providing a series of weekly updates (see: Life in GZ), this time of my life in Taiwan. After weeks of opening up new posts on WordPress, only to be utterly lost on how to begin describing what I have been up to, I have finally realized the best way for me to record these memories is to do it weekly and anecdotally—versus the monthly-ish vague post.

Every week here I am growing, even in the most minute ways, and I would be remiss to chalk it up to the lack of creativity on how to tell these stories and experiences for not recording them at all.

I do consider changing the format and trying vlogging, but for the moment, I will stick to writing here, as well as tweeting and posting on Instagram.

Although much has happened since my last update, I plan to wait until the end of this week to provide my first weekly update, which will be sprinkled with some of these past few weeks’ worth of updates. And trust me, they are worth waiting for. I say that with serious modesty.

For now, I leave you with a juicy preview: I have already received a surgical procedure for an accident. It has been less than two months away from home.

Until next time 🙂