Shifen Waterfall

Going For It

Hello from Taiwan!

A couple days since landing in Taipei, I now find myself in Kaohsiung for one more week of vacation before starting my internship.

Signing the contract to my new apartment
Signing the contract to my new Taipei apartment!

Despite my personal failed attempts at apartment hunting, ultimately thanks to Hsuan, I managed to lock down what seems to be a fantastic studio in Da’an District for at least the next seven months. While I have yet to decide which city to reside in for the remaining seven months of my fourteen total months in Taiwan, considering the arduous apartment hunting process, I am rethinking my plan to relocate to Taichung within this year. If only I didn’t have to return to DC…

And that’s the thing. When packing for this trip, I realized maybe I do want a place to call home. Having relocated so many times within these past few years, I have been wondering if that youthful ambition to live rather nomadically is expiring. With this year in Taiwan, will I finally find the place I am most satisfied living in? The place I will want to call home?

A growing part of me is craving some more stability, which turns out not to be overrated after all. I mean, I will always want to travel and see more of the world, but in the end, I want to be able to have a place to come home to and, well, settle down. The me of even a year ago likely would have scoffed at such an idea. Me? Settling down?

Ah, well, there’s so much more I could say about this, but for now, I will try to simply enjoy my time here and go for it.

Year in Taiwan—let’s do this.

Shifen Waterfall bridge