A Fighting Body

0.65. This is my white blood cell count.

4.5 to 11 K/cu mm. That’s the range of white blood cells a normal body should have.

My body has evidently been fighting many battles, and my latest blood work means, well, a lot of things, but for one, I am glad I am no longer on campus during the middle of a particularly bad flu season (watch this nurse rant about it).

I woke up this morning having spent a night feeling a seven-level pain in my groin area and lower back. Yesterday afternoon, I had to go to the bathroom five times, apparently having caught a stomach bug or something but ended up totally fine afterward.

Now with this sharp lower-body pain, I’m wondering if it’s because my menstrual cycle is coming, or something worse is happening. I’ve never had such pain with my period, but it would make sense now that my body is so weak. Either way, my oncologist needs to get back to me ASAP on whether I should be getting a shot to increase my white blood cells. (Update: Prescribed some antibiotics to hold me over, instead.)

Otherwise, I’m doing well. After meeting the oncologist yesterday and getting the blood work done (I’m already loathing needles now, whereas before I didn’t care for them), I had the appetite to get some Popeye’s biscuits. Both my energy and appetite levels have been severely fluctuating, so whenever I do want to eat something, I will eat. While having a Popeye’s right outside the hospital is its own conundrum, I just craved a biscuit.

So with a biscuit happily in my hands and some fried chicken in my mom’s, my dad drove us all the way from Baltimore to DC to reunite with some friends for dinner, while they ate nearby at Da Hong Pao restaurant. This journey certainly hasn’t been a solo one, and I’m so lucky to have them with me. I’m a delicate af flower right now, and even more of a princess than I usually am, so it’s a lot of work to be around me all the time. No exaggeration—one minute I’ve collapsed on my bed, the next I’m happily FaceTiming with my boyfriend and snacking on popcorn. Let’s hope when he comes, coincidentally right after my second and third treatments (the worst has yet to come), he will be able to handle me hehe.

Thanks to my readers, too. I know that reading about this stuff isn’t always pleasant, but it’s nice to know that I can share this wild ride with others. If you have any questions for whatever reason, I’m happy to answer them.