So This Is How It Is

Another wild weekend! Wooooooo. I was in bed for almost a solid 24 hours, nauseated, without an appetite whatsoever, and completely powerless.

And now I know why: I just needed to vomit.

After being forced to eat part of a carrot, a piece of broccoli, and some slices of oranges tonight, I finally threw up everything I had in me since my first chemotherapy treatment on Friday. Yes! I finally got chemo!

Let me rewind a bit.

The morning after my last post, a Thursday, I received two amazing pieces of news: 1) Johns Hopkins scheduled me for a chemotherapy class followed by my first infusion for the next day, and 2) my Taiwan-based boyfriend, who had already planned to come late March, would be coming ALSO IN THREE WEEKS?!!!!

So I felt all too happy making the trek back to Georgetown to get my PET scan, knowing I’ll finally start treatment the next day.

All-access pass.

Treatment itself went a little too flawlessly. Aside from the Benadryl and Tylenol I had to take before the infusion began that made me sleepy and my nose feel weird, I felt perfectly fine. I didn’t feel sick nor constipated (lol), and I left Hopkins after about nine hours (including the morning class and wait times), thinking, “Hm, is that all?”

LOL. Then after eating dinner that night around 8 p.m., I climbed into bed and started to feel funny. I tried to sleep off the nausea and didn’t bother taking the anti-nausea pills. The next day, I was all revved up to go back to Georgetown for a meeting. After all, I am determined not to give up all my responsibilities for these next couple months.

But after those two focused hours, plus the two-hour roundtrip car ride in the back seat, the nausea returned in full force. I already had hardly eaten all day, but once home, around 6 p.m., back to bed it was. We had planned to stop my apartment to start moving out, but I am glad we ended up going back home. My parents have giving everything to help me through this, and I couldn’t be more grateful—though, they could calm down about needing to drink soup, the thing I now can’t stand the most, hah.

So now that I’ve finally vomited, I realize the reason I was so bed-ridden and without an appetite this weekend was because of nausea. I guess I had been expecting it, but had no idea just how debilitating such a feeling was. Really, writing this post is about the most productive thing I’ve done these past 24 hours, next to vomiting.

My sister’s boyfriend’s mom also made a surprise visit today, delivering a lovely care package that included the cutest polar bear ever.

Anyway, so this is how it is. Are the biggest challenges really given to the strongest people? Well, I’ll definitely come out of this stronger than ever before, that’s for sure.