Taiwan Summer Sights: A Photo Essay

Highlighting a few of my favorite moments captured over these several weeks in Taiwan. All taken on my iPhone 7, so don’t expect too much in terms of quality šŸ˜›

An elderly man rests his feet atop his bike, taking shade from the tropical heat on a late afternoon in Tainan’s Dongxing Park.
One of the best things about Tainan is the countless quirky, nondescript alleyway finds.
These parks in Tainan undoubtedly serve as an oasis from the hustle of a small, developing city.
Sunny blue skies welcome me on my first morning in Tainan.
Mountain ranges line the Taipei cityscape.
A Sunday in Taipei nears its end as the sun casts a warm pinkish glow over the sky.
City density as seen from atop Taipei 101.
Watch out for the motorbikes racing through the streets on Tainan.
Forget driving a car or taking public transportationā€”(motor)biking plays such a critical role in theĀ jiaotong in Taiwan.
A Taipei woman tends to her plants amid an insufferably humid Sunday afternoon.
What initially caught my attention about this man was the huge smile on his face while sitting on this bench, legs swinging freely as if he had not a care in the world, as if the tropical heat didn’t exist or affect him, as if life is actually much more simple than we imagine. Wish I had the guts to take a shot from the front instead of so covertly while walking past him.