A Rainy Day in Busan

Coffeesmith, Busan

People say that Spa Land is perfect on a rainy day, but given how I had already made the trip out there yesterday, I wasn’t about to spend another two hours roundtrip on the metro.

Instead, I used the day’s inclement weather to explore the immediate area around the hotel. Thanks to Google Maps, I managed to find the most unassuming sandwich shop in the middle of the maze of shops in Gukje Market.

I managed to arrive and take pictures of the empty shop minutes before other Asian tourists filled the remaining seats. All it took to order was pointing to a picture of a sandwich and then having the cook suggest what I guessed was the best sandwich: ham, egg, cheese, and special sauce that makes all the difference. A short wait later, a woman—his wife?—came with the sandwich neatly wrapped on a tray and asked if I wanted a kiwi and banana smoothie. Yes, please!

This was such a great way to start my day, and I highly recommend anyone visiting the area to make this their first stop! Search “Sinchang Toast” in Google Maps to help guide you 🙂

My plans for the rest of the day comprised chilling in coffee shops, walking briefly around Busan Tower and through Jagalchi Market—and receiving an unexpected but very welcome phone call from my former supervisor!

So about the call. Keep in mind I didn’t get a SIM card while in Korea, so the fact that I just happened to have been resting back at the hotel with WiFi when my supervisor called via WeChat was lucky. We had been communicating over email about my recommendation letters for grad school, so he was calling to clarify things but also catch up, as we hadn’t seen each other since he left in June. He also was planning to return to Guangzhou for a weekend in September—the weekend I had already planned to go to Guilin.

So although we weren’t able to cross paths before I returned to the States, we ended up having such a nice conversation that I was reminded again just how fortunate I was to have had him as my supervisor and closest friend in the office—for a company that oftentimes felt unbearable for many, many reasons.

As you can tell, this rainy Sunday was relatively calm but definitely served as a nice respite after such packed days of nonstop exploration.

Next up: Hiking up to Gamcheon Culture Village, then returning to Seoul!