Fastest Month Ever

I’m alive!

Wow, it feels like ages since I’ve updated, and given that my Taipei trip was the second week of February and now there’s only one more day of the month left, it seems that I’ve fallen hopelessly behind.

But not to fret!

…I still managed to cram in my monthly book (book review, on the other hand…COMING OKOK), which I finished in a frantic rush yesterday morning, so that I can finally move on and BLOG.

So the main reason why my blogging had stalled is the visits from both my best high school friend Victoria and my boyfriend Mehdi.

The Monday after I returned from Taipei on Saturday, Victoria flew in from Shanghai. In between her graduation and graduate school, she’s taking the time to travel Asia, and so for those few days, I showed her around to many of the places I love (Uncle Fong, Tiyu Zhongxin, Fashion Tianhe Plaza, Tai Koo Hui, Huacheng Plaza) and even to one that I hadn’t been before—the Five Ram Statue at Yuexiu Park (lol, had no idea it was THAT close to me).

OH, and finally tried the yummy pork fat and pineapple buns at Bingsheng Restaurant, literally the one place I’ve had my eyes set on ever since my college friend told me about it last year. Turns out you can only order a minimum of six buns, and not being able to resist, we ordered six, each eating two and saving the remaining two for a #healthy breakfast next morning. We pigged out so much in those few days.

That Wednesday, we took the high-speed train to Hong Kong for—wait for it—MADONNA!! We got a quick snack at the Guangzhou East Railway station Food Republic food court first.

We met up with my producer at Hong Hum, since he ran late from a meeting and missed our train. He’s the one who invited me way back in October and then got the tickets. So yeah, the build-up has been quite lengthy.

Train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong

Anyway, upon arrival and after waiting just a short while before my producer arrived on the following train, we enjoyed a quick dinner at the mall across from the station before taking a free bus then another train to the Regal Airport Hotel—which, by the way—is ridiculously convenient and highly recommended for anyone who plans to go to AsiaWorld Expo or have a quick layover in Hong Kong. The hotel is actually attached to the airport (unlike other airport hotels—specifically recalling a particularly terrible experience running outside in sub-zero temperatures with hail pelting our faces during a layover at the Reykjavik airport). Rooms are surprisingly spacious, given that it’s not in the city center, and service is fantastic! It’s only a shame that we stayed literally only for a few hours…

Regal Airport Hotel in Hong Kong
CNY decorations at Regal Airport Hotel!

As for Madonna, it was her first concert ever in Hong Kong—and same for me and Victoria! The one thing I—and probably everyone else—kept thinking was, How the fuck does she do it?!

Madonna is 57 years old, and yet she had/has more energy than most people my age. Since she started late (after 10 p.m.), we didn’t get back until around 1 and slept around 2. The next morning, my producer and I had to catch the train back to work (#workaholics #china), but a series of unfortunate events made us miss it (totally not my fault, by the way, ahem) and we had to catch the next one, making me totally late for English news work. Victoria stayed in Hong Kong longer.

Upon returning Thursday, before I even had much of a chance to rest, I had to prepare for another visit on Saturday, a talk about blogging in front of about 50 attendees, filming for China Sports Weekly, and location scouting at WeChat headquarters in Guangzhou for an interview with its product manager.

As you know, MORE SOON!