Twenty Sixteen

Hong Kong New Year 2015

Hi, there.

If you haven’t read my 2015 year in review yet, please go check it out on Medium.

How are you? I feel like I need to hear about your New Year to be able to better put mine into perspective. So if you want, leave a comment. Did you notice how casual and not-at-all-forceful that seemed? I would say “please” but TBH I’m grateful for anyone even reading, let alone commenting.

My New Year…hmm. OK. Well. As they say, pictures speak louder than words. I’ll begin with these:

About a week earlier, I realized I hadn’t made any NYE plans, and being a mere two-hour train ride to my favorite city of Hong Kong, I needed to seize this opportunity to spend my first New Year there. Of course, this meant overspending on a last-minute hotel for two nights in the heart of the city, but in my ever-optimistic point of view, that’s just an experience one has to have at one point. Another “must-have” experience?


I’m sure you’re overwhelmed just looking at those pictures, so imagine how I felt! Never. Again. Being the adventuring opportunist I am, watching the fireworks over the HK harbor in person was something I had to do. But it’s like NYE in NYC, meaning avoid as much as possible and sit in the comfort of your bed and watch it on TV—or ignore it all together. I’ll include a more detailed description of this claustrophobic, epitome-of-人山人海 experience in my next edition of #GZBuzz.

And if I’m not totally consumed by my dad visiting Monday, then I’ll do another Hong Kong haul post—I seriously will have to create a running list of “Posts to Write” soon. I already have some drafts I’ve started but never managed to finish. AND what about New Year’s resolutions?! TOO MUCH TO WRITE.

Meanwhile, I think my Mucinex pill is kicking in. Yeah, as I posted on Facebook, the first thing I ate in 2016 was a cough drop. First purchase was cold meds. Now I’m drugging up on Mucinex to get rid of my built-up mucus. Lovely start to the New Year!

Good night. Hoping the next time I update, I’ll be in a slightly better state.

Remember to tell me about your New Year! I mean, if you want (is reverse psychology reversed if I point it out?).