Thanks, Man.

Snapchat of inconsiderate man in Starbucks

A man walks up to the second floor of Starbucks with his laptop, eyes the booth in the corner, a few seats next to mine.

Immediately, he starts watching a Chinese reality show that involves high-pitched shouting. Whatever it is he’s watching, I can hear everything. Headphones? Lowering the volume? Consideration for others? Psh, this is China.

But it’s okay. I’m not working on anything important.

He laughs. Some woman in the video is screeching.

Meanwhile, Starbucks’ jazz music plays.

An episode has apparently ended. He starts another, complete with obnoxious opening theme music.

A while later, a Starbucks employee walks up to do his regular round of collecting trays and mugs.

This man calls him over, only now deciding to order something. Oh, he didn’t even come up here having ordered something.

But he doesn’t even have a specific order in mind.

“What’s something not too sweet? What about sandwiches?”

The employee walks back downstairs to help place this lazy man’s order. This dude is a barista, not your personal waiter. But okay. China.

While he continues enjoying binge watching in Starbucks, I notice the WiFi speed has slowed considerably.

Thanks, man. Can’t even connect to VPN to send this Snapchat I have of you intently watching your show.

Snapchat of inconsiderate man in Starbucks

The employee soon returns with a sandwich and drink on a tray.