Accepting a New Role

GDTV World Face Time Guangzhou LIbrary filming

Hello again to my loyal readers. After a week of seemingly nonstop blogging about my Southeast Asia trip earlier this month, it feels like a decade since I’ve last updated you on my adventures. I think that gaps in blogging generally are directly related to how much I liked the most recent post—that and how strongly I feel about a given topic. The more I like rereading a particular post, the longer I want to keep it up before introducing another post. But enough excuses—get ready for another update!

China Chats Oktoberfest

When it comes to my career, it’s easier to underestimate where it may go than to imagine myself suddenly in the spotlight—literally.

It finally hit me last night. I have bigger shoes to fill than I had expected.

“Oh, my God! You’re the new host! I’m so sorry! Sorry!”


Seated across from this stranger during GDTV World’s China Chats show rehearsal on Oktoberfest, we had started talking about ourselves. She, unlike what I had mistakenly assumed, was not an intern. She was a new producer.


But suddenly, as if having made a grave mistake for not recognizing who I was, she apologized profusely.

I didn’t think that others would refer to me as “the new host.” And yet, here this stranger was, somehow having heard of me. Imagine that—”Yeah, have you heard? We have a new host from the U.S. Her name’s Sonia in case you ever meet her. She’s great.”

OK. Wild imagination aside, what is certain is that a colleague has introduced me to others as someone I currently am not and won’t be for at least a while. Me? On TV? Hosting next to broadcast veterans?

As if that didn’t wake me up enough, I finally met the person whose shoes I would be filling. He had my job for seven years. Before that, he literally did a national tour with Dragon Tales playing the twin dragons (yes, that childhood cartoon show). And now, as I walked up and shook his hands, he said, “Nice to finally meet you! I’ve been telling everyone you’re the new me!”

Oh, gosh. He further added something about handing off the torch to me.

The thing is, I needed these encounters to snap out of this haze that had prevented me from fully accepting the fact that I very well may be hosting alongside broadcast veterans.

After all, yes, I should aspire to do more than intern work. (This is being an #adult.)

Even this past Saturday when I joined the team to a filming of interviews surrounding an event at the Guangzhou Library, a colleague thought was the host until the producer explained that I would be soon but am not one now. Even then, part of me didn’t want to embrace fully that idea. And as I watched from behind the scenes the acting involved when in front of a camera, I couldn’t help but imagine myself in that position. Is it possible?

To others, it’s a sure thing.

“You’re going to be a great host one day!”

“You’ll be a star!”

It was difficult for me to understand completely the opportunity in China in terms of my career, but I think it’s about time I accept this torch that has been handed to me.

It’s time to show the (GDTV) [W]orld what I’ve got.

GDTV World Face Time Guangzhou LIbrary filming

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